Webshop is a place where you can find some unloved, forgotten or just used furniture.  All of them deserve a Second chance. Any way of redesigning, fixing them or find new work is a chance.  Im constantly looking for some interested pieces on markets, secondhand shop. I'm passionate in objects with some sort of history,  You will find here furniture and decorations in current condition and some redesigned or created pieces. 

 I recently started to work with most amazing and colorful paints I have ever used.  Nordic Chic chalk paint & Artisan Enhancements  thats something what I also would like to  recommend and offer to you.  If you didn't try it yet.


​My name is Ewelina and I live on one of most amazing country side in Norway on island called Osterøy filled with beautiful flora and fauna around me. Nature give us so much and every on off us should find a way to help save the nature.

I am creative and eclectic person who don't like to throw away, I love to redesign objects I like to combine elements from different styles, designs, different textures, materials and fabrics.

I like to give them new life or new meaning. And I would like to convince you that old can be new if you, as me like unique style and are open for creative ideas. Redesign is complicated, because each one of us can see things in different way, colors, texture, details, there are millions of people as well millions of unique styles and projects. In my work i don't always try to restore objects to their original previous condition. I want chairs, coffee tables, chests or other items to re-born with new style and design. Give them SECOND CHANCE.  If you go around shops and galleries and still can not find ''that thing'' that will perfectly fit to your room please check my site.


For now I work from home, here I have my workshop, warehouse and place where you can pop in buy Nordic Chic paints or one of my projects.

So if you have an idea of changing your coffee table, or chairs, nightstands, but you dont have time or hand to do it by yourself contact me I will do the work for you. 

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For custom order please contact us on

tel. 46260731 Ewelina or  second.chance.interior@gmail.com 

Usually we ask you to either send a picture or describe the furniture and your idea of changes.

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