Nordic Chic Paint & Wax Brushes

Nordic Chic paint brushes are made by an Italian company. And they are for both waxing and painting.

The Natural hair paint brushes come in both a round and an oval version. The Oval brush comes in three sizes and the round comes in two sizes. The round ones can also be used for wax.

We have a flat brush in two sizes made of artificial hair and with a stainless steel ferule so they will last you for a very long time without rusting. They can be used if you want to have a more smooth surface and finally we have our two stencil brushes, also made with natural bristles.Our wax brushes comes in a small and a large size, with a nice curvy handle, which gives a nice grip.

Our Nordic Chic® Brushes are FSC Certified, so you know we are also looking out for the environment with these products.

Always clean them with either Supersolution from Bio Savvy or lukewarm water and mild soap and make sure to rinse with clean water afterwards so there is no soap or paint left in the brush. Wax brushes can be cleaned with spirit or something similar that removes grease.

Square brush

All our brushes are made with good solid wooden handles all printed with our logo. 

Nordic Chic® brushes are a good investment and will last you for years if you take proper care of them.

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