Special finishing wax for water-repellent protection of furniture that has been painted with Nordic Furniture Paint. It is 100% Odeur less and non-toxic.
It will cover approx. with 10-20 ml per m² and it comes in three colours, a Clear, a Black and Rustic (dark red brown). There is 400 ml in a tin.

Make sure your surface is dry and clean and with no dust. Apply a thin coat with our designated wax brushes or with a lintfree cloth. Once you have applied it it will be dry after 30-45 minutes. One layer is enough.

You can buff it up with our fantastic Buffer brush which is mounted on an electrical drilling machine for an exceptional durable wax finish. See the buffer brush here where you can also find or exclusive wax brushes.

Our Nordic Chic Topcoat can be used on furniture, floors and almost everything else. It is a silk finish and has no nasty smells and there is 500 ml in a bottle.

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